Shri Narsu Patil

 Friends ! Very soon , we are going to enter in the year 2020 , and this year will be another milestone for ‘ Sai Sanstha ‘ as we are about to launch another school at Kharghar , Navi Mumbai .
          ‘ Mothers Pride School ‘ will be an English medium school , starting in the month of June. The admissions will start from ……… The detailed procedure of it is available on our website ……… , so also at our registered office ………
          Friends , I feel so glad and proud for accomplishing the promises I made , the dreams I cherished and the path I had chosen always proved right .  ‘ Sai Sanstha ‘ was formed in the year 1990 and since then It has been working progressively in the field  of education . The auspicious blessings of Sai Baba is always with us for any noble work we undertake . The tiny seed that we had sown in the year 1990 , has bloomed beautifully .
          Education in all languages ie English , Marathi , Gujarati  ;  Education in rural and underdeveloped areas  ;  Educate all , were the base principles of Sai Sanstha . In the fast developing area of Navi Mumbai , we spotted Kharghar to be our new destination to start a new English medium  school  named ,  ‘ Mothers Pride School  ‘
          I am sure that , like our earlier projects , this school too will be a feather  in our cap . Learned and dedicated teaching faculty , perfect administrative staff and a veteran academic director are the strong pillars of ‘ Mothers Pride School ‘
          So friends  ! Eagerly willing to see you all on the first  day  of  the school . Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year !